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Craft Crate – This is an extremely versatile box, it can be stacked in any way you want or just left as it is. Great for projects with kids.


This Craft Crate is a lovely and useful product to have in your garden.


This is an extremely versatile box,it can be stacked in any way you desire or it can be left as is. This Craft Crate is great for projects with kids who are interested in gardening. The Craft Crate box can be used to plant any of your favorite plants or vegetables. The Craft Crate has great width and depth, giving you sufficient space to plant comfortably. This Craft Crate will stand higher than he ground , giving you the sense of ease of having to bend over to garden.


The good thing about the Craft Crate is that with the correct soils ans compost you wont have anything from the ground leaching into the plants thus ensuring you have a beautiful garden with no pestering termites. The wood we have used for the Craft Crate is a special pine and not CCA treated, which works really well , because termites and other insects tend to stay away form your plants and veggies ,which is great.


Anything and everything you desires to plant is likely to grow in your Craft Crate. Due to the depth and height in the Craft Crate you will have ample space to grow a number of your favorites,provide that you do not over plant in it. The Craft Crate is strong an durable and made to last up to 6 to 8 years provided that you treat it every few years.

The Craft Crate will also be a great for kids. It can easily be painted and decorated to the satisfaction of the kids,and they could plant some of their favorites fruits or veggies in it.

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Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 400 x 250 x 200 mm
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