Rectangular Raised Bed – Large

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Product Description

Rectangular Raised Bed – Rectangle raised bed kit is ideal for someone who is keen on planting their own veggies. Nothing better than fresh veggies out your garden

Product Description

Wooden Rectangular Raised Bed Suited to Plant your Vegetables in.

Rectangular Raised Beds are great for planting your Vegetables. Rectangular Raised Beds are uniquely designed to make your plants grow beyond their limits. A Rectangular Raised Bed has a very high achievement record. Meaning that your plants will be happy. These Rectangular Raised Beds can be easily maintained, planted and harvested using ordinary hand tools like a spade or fork.

How Does A Rectangular Raised Bed Work?

A Rectangular Raised Bed sits on top of the ground. Which is a good thing for your plants as they have extra space to move around. The Soil is raised above the surrounding soil giving it extra depth. Vegetables are then placed in the Rectangular Raised Bed along with enriching compost. The Vegetables should be placed in such a way that the leaves are just touching each other when fully grown. Thus suppressing those horrible weeds and keeping the moisture in the Bed.

Materials and Construction.

Our Rectangular Raised Beds are made with a special Pine that is not CCA treated. Which is great for planting your own vegetables. There are no chemicals leaching into your plants either,thus making sure you have beautiful Organic Plants.

What to plant in your Rectangular Raised Bed?

Absolutely Anything! The good news for having a Rectangular Raised Bed is that you can virtually plant almost anything in it and it will grow without any hesitation in your Rectangular Raised Bed. Potatoes Grow Extremely well in these Rectangular Raised Bed because it is a root vegetable. Meaning that it needs that extra depth. Other things that you could plant in your Rectangular raised bed is Leaks, Tomatoes, onions, garlic and even Carrots.

Why stop with Vegetables when you could also plant a lovely Flower Garden for Spring too?

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Dimensions 2000 x 1000 x 152 mm
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