400mm High Picket Fence

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Picket Fencing 400mm – GWC’s range of picket fencing is of the highest quality, dipped to provide greater protection and to help it stand the test of time.


This is a beautiful product and would be a lovely addition to your garden.


This unique Picket fence is a decorative way to contain pets and kids from getting into your garden, without blocking the view of your beautiful flowers. Picket Fence are distinguished by their evenly shaped vertical boards. Available in a range of colors, so there’s always a n option to suit you. Our range of garden features utilize a unique treatment method. The Picket Fence provides our consumers with a sturdy , long lasting garden feature . A Picket fence will easily beautify s your garden and add further depth and style to your garden.


Picket Fence originates from the 1960’s from the French. History shows that the Picket Fence have helped from a barrier. White Picket fence Installations have existed since early colonial days.


A Picket Fence is a very elegant item to have in your garden or around your house. Picket Fence easily portion your boarders or flower beds. Picket Fence will set off your flowers and vegetables plants while keeping small animals out. Creepers will also love Picket Fencing. Vines and trailing plants could also use the Picket Fence as a trellis support. Picket Fencing will add extra protection to your beautiful garden. Picket Fences adds character, elegance and definition to any yard, Picket Fencing is the perfect option to mark out or protect boundaries or features.

Picket Fences are also very good for your vegetables and flowers as they allow light to pass through .Picket fence make a beautiful garden feature.

All our products are made with a special treated pine and are not CCA treated, which is great, because pestering termites and insects tend to stay away. This Picket Fence is strong and durable and would last you up to 6 to 8 years, provided that you treat it every few years.

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Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 900 x 40 x 400 mm
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